IRS Return Processing Center Closed in Fresno, California

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permanently closed the Fresno, California paper return processing center on 9/30/2021 as part of a larger, ongoing efficiency strategy initiative.  Taxpayers located in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Ohio, and Washington state who previously filed their federal tax returns in Fresno should now either file electronically or mail their returns to the Ogden, Utah, processing center.    

The number of individual returns that taxpayers file electronically has increased from 145 million or 90%, up from 90 million in 2008. Unfortunately, the IRS is experiencing long delays and a backlog in processing paper returns due to restrictions caused by the pandemic.  

The IRS will maintain a presence in Fresno while streamlining operations and making better use of existing spaces.  Approximately 3,000 employees were employed in the paper processing center in 2016 when the announcement was made.  They have since been given the opportunity to train for other positions, find other employment opportunities, retire, or separate from the IRS. Many IRS operational centers located in Fresno are working at full capacity.  

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