What Lies ahead for 2017 ACA Reporting?


Over the last several months many attempts by the GOP have been made to try to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The general refrain from the GOP is that insurance costs will continue to increase, insurance carriers will pull themselves from the market place and individuals will no longer be able to afford or obtain insurance if ACA is not repealed. While the plans that have been presented to the Senate were not the answer, many of the Republicans wanted to pass the “skinny repeal” healthcare legislation through the Senate telling the House not to approve it and they would make adjustments? This strategy did not work and the repeal of the ACA was voted down earlier this month by a 51-49 vote.

When the “Skinny Repeal” did not pass Trump announced he would take away the subsides from the insurers, and let Obamacare “implode”. This tactic was a threat to try and get Democrats to negotiate a replacement plan. However, recently the CBO said if trump were to carry out this threat the premiums for the most popular health plans would increase over 20%. Also, without the subsides the CBO projects that 5% of American could live in areas without insurers willing to sell coverage through the Marketplace next year. See the attached article from Politico on how pulling the subsides could affect insurance rates.


As long as subsides are in place there will need to be some form of reporting to determine who is eligible.