The key distinction between SPS/GZ and other tax reporting firms is our comprehensive and personal approach to our clients’ needs.

Professional Experience

SPS/GZ has over 25 years of experience in project management and tax form reporting services.

Premium Support

Highly rated among our clients for our “white glove” service, knowledgeable expertise and commitment to accuracy.

Robust Technology

A highly secure portal for data exchanges, as well as a fully automated corrections module.

Comprehensive Solution

SPS/GZ provides a distinctive end-to-end solution for tax form reporting needs of companies and organizations of all sizes.

Client Testimonials

Clients have rated SPS/GZ very high in client support, expertise, responsiveness, and user-friendly technology.

Eileen J.
Global Equity Program Manager
Lake Forest, IL

The team at SPS/GZ is great to work with! They have outstanding customer service and are always available and happy to help solve any issues that we come across. Their vast knowledge and expertise along with their dedicated work ethic make them the perfect partner. I would highly recommend SPS/GZ!

Rick M.
Service Planning Corporation
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am a benefits consultant and have partnered with SPS/GZ (ACA reporting services) for the past 2 years. Both our organization and our clients have been very happy with their services. They are professional, courteous, and competitively priced. No hesitation to recommend.

Karen M.
Stock Plan Administrator
Minneapolis, MN

SPS/GZ is an amazing partner to work with. They handled our companies 3922 filings for several years. Their expertise and knowledge, as well as their outstanding customer service, made my life so much easier. I would recommend their company for any third party services that you might need.

Pat G.
Executive Director
Chicago, IL

I have worked with the SPS/GZ professionals for various consulting and tax form reporting projects for more than 15 years. They are professional, proactive and have high level of technical expertise. I would highly recommend them for any tasks requiring accounting, tax compliance or equity compensation expertise.

Jennifer B.
Associate Director
Waltham, MA

We have used SPS/GZ for Section 6039 and ACA Reporting and have received outstanding, comprehensive and accurate service. The team is professional, dependable, and very personable.

Brynn R.
Benefits Specialist
Milwaukee, WI

I am very happy with the ACA reporting that SPS/GZ has provided service for. Great communication and very helpful.

Pat H.
Dyer, IN

I have found the staff of SPS/GZ to be extremely dedicated and helpful. Phone calls and questions are answered promptly.

Kathy K.
Manager, Stock and Insurance Administration
Lake Forest, IL

I have used SPS/GZ for various projects for the past nine years. They have always been very responsive and have lent great expertise to the services they have provided. The professionals of SPS/GZ are reliable, and I trust them to handle the most critical stock plan administration projects for our company. This is why I have hired SPS/GZ to manage our IRC Section 6039 filings & mailings.

About SPS/GZ

SPS/GZ is a full-service tax reporting firm based in Chicago. The key distinction between SPS/GZ and other tax reporting firms is our comprehensive and personal approach to our clients’ needs, as well as our robust and user-friendly technology. Current tax form clients have rated SPS/GZ very high in providing peace of mind, "white glove” service, commitment to accuracy and knowledgeable support.

Founded in 2001 by Mary Pat Wood and Rick Zatz, SPS/GZ combines real-world expertise with reliable compliance procedures for maximum client satisfaction. Certified and knowledgeable professionals (including CPAs, CEPs and attorneys) are managing all aspects of each project. SPS/GZ services private and public companies and entities of all sizes throughout the United States.

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